The Advanced iOS 6 Developer's Cookbook
Language: en
Pages: 528
Authors: Erica Sadun
Categories: Computers
Type: BOOK - Published: 2013-02-28 - Publisher: Addison-Wesley

The Advanced iOS 6 Developer’s Cookbook brings together reliable, proven solutions for cutting-edge iOS 6 development. World-renowned iOS expert Erica Sadun covers device-specific development, document/data sharing, Core Text, networking, image processing, onboard cameras, audio, Address Book, Core Location, GameKit,StoreKit, push notifications, and more. As in her previous bestselling iOS books, Sadun translates today’s development best practices into working code, distilling key concepts into concise recipes that are easy to understand and transfer into your own projects. This isn’t just cut and paste. Using her examples, Sadun fully explains both the “how” and “why” of advanced and specialized iOS 6 development. All code is tested with iOS 6 features and iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch capabilities. Throughout, every chapter groups related tasks together, so you can jump straight to your solution without having to identify the right class or framework first. Coverage includes Testing device properties so your app can take full advantage of the iOS unit it’s running on Seamlessly sharing documents and data across apps and moving control between apps Presenting exceptionally attractive text with freeform text typesetting Building touch-based apps that leverage Bezier curves, splines, and other geometric tools Securing network apps via authentication, system keychains, and OAuth Accessing and processing image data to create special effects Integrating live camera feeds and user snapshots Presenting audio to users and enabling them to interact with it Effectively using Address Book frameworks and GUI classes Building advanced location apps with Core Location geopositioning and MapKit Creating connected game play with GameKit/Game Center: device-to-device networking, shared leaderboards, and Internet-based matches Integrating secure in-app purchasing with StoreKit Communicating with users from web-based services via push notifications
Understanding Cisco Networking Technologies, Volume 1
Language: en
Pages: 400
Authors: Todd Lammle
Categories: Computers
Type: BOOK - Published: 2019-12-24 - Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Leading Cisco authority Todd Lammle helps you gain insights into the new core Cisco network technologies Understanding Cisco Networking Technologies is an important resource for those preparing for the new Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification exam as well as IT professionals looking to understand Cisco’s latest networking products, services, and technologies. Written by bestselling author and internationally recognized Cisco expert Todd Lammle, this in-depth guide provides the fundamental knowledge required to implement and administer a broad range of modern networking and IT infrastructure. Cisco is the worldwide leader in network technologies—80% of the routers on the Internet are Cisco. This authoritative book provides you with a solid foundation in Cisco networking, enabling you to apply your technical knowledge to real-world tasks. Clear and accurate chapters cover topics including routers, switches, controllers and other network components, physical interface and cabling, IPv6 addressing, discovery protocols, wireless infrastructure, security features and encryption protocols, controller-based and software-defined architectures, and more. After reading this essential guide, you will understand: Network fundamentals Network access IP connectivity and IP services Security fundamentals Automation and programmability Understanding Cisco Networking Technologies is a must-read for anyone preparing for the new CCNA certification or looking to gain a primary understanding of key Cisco networking technologies.
IOS 5 by Tutorials: Volume 1 (2nd Edition)
Language: en
Pages: 488
Authors: Ray Wenderlich, Steve Baranski, Adam Burkepile, Jacob Gundersen, Matthijs Hollemans, Felipe Laso Marsetti, Cesare Rocchi, Marin Todorov
Categories: Application software
Type: BOOK - Published: 2013-02-08 - Publisher:

This is Volume 1 of a 2-Volume book. iOS 5 was one of the biggest upgrades to iOS so far, and has a ton of awesome features that you'll definitely want to start using in your apps. The only problem is, there's not a ton of documentation or sample code on the APIs, so they're often quite hard to learn! This is where iOS 5 By Tutorials comes in! The goal of the book is to help intermediate and advanced iOS developers get up-to-speed with the APIs introduced in iOS 5 in the quickest and easiest way - via tutorials! Updated for iOS 6. This new second edition is fully up-to-date with iOS 6 and Xcode 4.5. Although the book focuses on APIs introduced in iOS 5, the chapters have been updated to work on iOS 6, use Modern Objective C syntax, and more. This book is for intermediate or advanced iOS developers, who already know the basics of iOS development but want to upgrade their skills to iOS 5. iOS 5 by Tutorials Volume 1 covers the following APIs: ARC: Learn how to successfully migrate to ARC - and worry a lot less about memory management. Storyboards: Learn how to make your apps more quickly with the new Storyboards feature. iCloud: Learn how to store your app's data in the cloud and share across devices. GLKit: Learn how to use GLKit to make OpenGL ES 2.0 programming much easier. UIKit Customization: Learn how to completely customize the look and feel of your apps. The iOS Tutorial Team takes pride in making sure each tutorial we write holds to the highest standards of quality. We want our tutorials to be well written, easy to follow, and fun. And we don't want to just skim the surface of a subject - we want to really dig into it, so you can truly understand how it works and apply the knowledge directly in your own apps. By the time you're finished reading this book, your skills will be completely up to date with iOS 5, and you'll be ready to use these new technologies right away in your apps!
Medieval Mythography, Volume One
Language: en
Pages: 770
Authors: Jane Chance
Categories: Literary Criticism
Type: BOOK - Published: 2019-11-26 - Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

The mythic world of Juno, Jupiter's consort, is one of flesh and begetting, of suffering and death, and of poetry itself. Exploring the relationship between that realm of the classical gods and the sphere of medieval mythographers, Jane Chance illuminates the efforts of medieval writers to understand human existence and the forces of nature in relation to Christian truth.
The Poems of Browning: Volume One
Language: en
Pages: 840
Authors: John Woolford, Daniel Karlin
Categories: Literary Criticism
Type: BOOK - Published: 2014-06-11 - Publisher: Routledge

The Poems of Browning is the first collected edition to be based on the earliest printed texts, and to present these texts in order of their composition.Together, volumes I and II provide an authoritative and accessible tribute to this great poet. Volume I, 1826-1840 traces Browning's career up to the writing of Sordello. It includes his only surviving juvenilia: The Dance of Death and The First-Borm of Egypt; Pauline, his first anonymous publication, and Paracelsus, the poem which made his literary reputation.