How Babies Sleep
Language: en
Pages: 256
Authors: Sofia Axelrod
Categories: Family & Relationships
Type: BOOK - Published: 2020-08-11 - Publisher: Atria Books

Discover the best baby sleep method—gentle, science-backed, and inspired by the latest Nobel Prize–winning research—that shows you how to get your baby to sleep through the night naturally. Sleep—or the lack of it—is one of the most crucial issues for new parents. Newborn babies typically wake every two to three hours, and there’s nothing bleary-eyed, exhausted parents want more than a night of uninterrupted sleep. But while there’s plenty of advice out there, there is nothing that’s based on the latest cutting-edge research about sleep—until now. In How Babies Sleep, Sofia Axelrod, PhD—neuroscientist, sleep consultant, and mother of two—introduces the first baby sleep method that is truly rooted in the science of sleep. After having her first child, Axelrod realized that the typical baby sleep advice conflicted with the actual science of sleep, inlcuding the findings from her mentor’s Nobel Prize–winning sleep lab. She developed her transformative method based on the latest discoveries about our body’s circadian clock and how it is disturbed by light and other external stimuli. After seeing incredible results with her own babies, she has since counseled countless families in her groundbreaking method—which works with babies’ needs and helps little ones learn to self-soothe, fall asleep more easily, and stay asleep through the night. You’ll discover helpful tips that work, and learn: why using a red lightbulb (instead of a regular one) in the nursery at night can minimize wakings; why the age-old advice “don’t wake a sleeping baby” isn’t true; how to create a healthy routine; how to sleep train gently with minimal crying (under two minutes); and so much more in this revolutionary and effective book that will help both you and your baby enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep.
The Complete Guide to Helping Your Baby Sleep Through the Night So You Can Too
Language: en
Pages: 288
Authors: Jessica Linnell
Categories: Family & Relationships
Type: BOOK - Published: 2010-11-12 - Publisher: Atlantic Publishing Company

The average baby sleeps between 10 and 16 hours a day according to Parenting Magazine. But, for any parent who has raised a child, it is well known that these hours can come at nearly any time, with the least likely time being during the middle of the night. Coaxing and comforting a baby to sleep through the night is one of the earliest and daunting tasks that young parents face and can lead to raised stress and tension levels and a whole slew of problems for both you and your baby. The tips in this book are designed to provide every parent with the knowledge they need to help their baby feel more comfortable in their crib and start sleeping through the night not only for the first time, but consistently for the foreseeable future. You will learn exactly how much sleep your baby needs and what traditional definitions of sleep have to say about children under the age of two, including how they sleep and what they need in their sleep. You will learn the rules of infant and baby sleep and how they may not fit into your traditional notions of slumber and why it is necessary to think carefully before taking any additional measures. The necessary tools you need for helping your baby sleep through the night, including the right music, the right food, the right bedding, and the right amount of attention. You will learn when it is best to leave your baby to themselves and when they need you late at night, and what kinds of sleep disturbing habits they and you might be performing that is keeping them from sleeping comfortably. Experts in child psychology, pediatrics, and sleep have been interviewed and provided their experiences in the book to help all new parents deal with the trials and tribulations of a baby who will not sleep through the night. You will learn how certain developmental factors can affect sleep and what situations, however small, can disrupt sleep entirely. You will learn when it is not your fault and when you don t deserve blame and how things might change when your baby becomes a toddler. Atlantic Publishing is a small, independent publishing company based in Ocala, Florida. Founded over twenty years ago in the company president's garage, Atlantic Publishing has grown to become a renowned resource for non-fiction books. Today, over 450 titles are in print covering subjects such as small business, healthy living, management, finance, careers, and real estate. Atlantic Publishing prides itself on producing award winning, high-quality manuals that give readers up-to-date, pertinent information, real-world examples, and case studies with expert advice. Every book has resources, contact information, and web sites of the products or companies discussed.
100 Tips to Help Your Baby Sleep
Language: en
Pages: 144
Authors: Stephanie Modell
Categories: Health & Fitness
Type: BOOK - Published: 2020-05-14 - Publisher: Summersdale Publishers LTD - ROW

Sleep is probably the topic that preoccupies parents of babies and young children more than any other. Sleep is essential for the physical and psychological health of your baby, and for the well-being of the whole family. This accessible no-nonsense guide will help you to establish positive sleep habits and put good practices into place for your baby from the first few weeks. With supportive advice arranged into simple but informative tips, including: • Understanding how babies sleep • Teaching the difference between night and day • Learning about sleep cycles and rhythms • How to establish an effective bedtime routine • Discovering how developmental changes can affect your baby’s sleep • Tried and trusted ways to teach your baby to self-settle • Establishing consistency with daytime naps • Quick trouble-shooting tips in a bonus chapter
How To Help Your Baby Sleep Through The Night Secrets
Language: en
Pages: 71
Authors: Christina Rice
Categories: Health & Fitness
Type: BOOK - Published: 2018-03-21 - Publisher: PublishDrive

Do You Feel Helpless At Your Inability To How To Help Baby Sleep Through The Night? The presence of a newborn can make you all ecstatic and keen to spend as much time as you can with them but when their sleep time does not tally with yours, it can be tortuous. Sleeping through the night is something you cannot expect from a newborn child. Their internal rhythm is still immature and way different from yours. This can drive you to sleeplessness! Do these questions run through your mind? 1) Does your baby cry all night? 2) Can't sleep because of all the fuss? 3) Do you make mistakes in getting your baby to sleep? 4) Do you need a how-to-help guide to make your baby sleep at night? 5) Sick and tired of not knowing how to help your baby soothe? 6) Want an easy fix on how to help baby sleep through the night? 7) Want to step up your baby sleep training skills? If your answer is YES, then you need to get this book. In this book, you'll find: 1) Tips to make your newborn stop crying at once 2) Common causes why your baby could be waking up at night. 3) Techniques for getting a better night sleep for you and your baby. 4) Steps on how to create a good daytime, naptime and bedtime routine. 5) Methods you can use to stop your baby from waking up in the night. 6) The concept of baby sleep training and tips for training your baby to get to sleep and sleep well. 7) Skills to teach your baby how to fall asleep independently and resettle himself to sleep at night. This book covers the following: 1) The importance of an infant's sleep. 2) The importance of having an early parent-child relationship. 3) Understanding your baby's cues and signals to build such relationship. 4) The essential tips to assist your baby develop positive sleep habits. All hope is not lost as smart parents like you can learn a few tips and tricks on how to make babies sleep through the night. Let's face it; you know your days cannot revolve around your baby and if you haven't been sleeping for months, you're exhausted, and you need some sleep too. What are you waiting for? Get this book to learn a handful of techniques you can put to use so you enjoy the great health benefits of sleeping well at night.
Helping Baby Sleep
Language: en
Pages: 224
Authors: Anni Gethin, Beth Macgregor
Categories: Family & Relationships
Type: BOOK - Published: 2011-11-16 - Publisher: Celestial Arts

Child development specialists (and mothers) Anni Gethin, PhD, and Beth Macgregor challenge the wisdom of the popular “cry it out” philosophy and instead advocate a responsive parenting approach during the day and at night. Mining the latest scientific research, the authors show parents how to practice gentle bedtime techniques that respect a baby’s neurological and emotional development. With this supportive, empowering guide, readers will: • Learn why babies wake at night and need help to settle • Understand how early parenting choices affect a baby’s growing brain • Examine why “sleep training” is risky, both in the short and long terms • Discover how to create an effective sleep routine and safe sleeping environment • Explore common baby sleep problems and how to cope with them • Find out how tired moms and dads can build a support system (and stay sane) Sensitive, responsive parenting establishes a powerful bond between baby and parent--a connection that lays the foundation for healthy emotional and psychological development. Filled with scientific evidence, stories from parents, and testaments from infant mental health authorities, Helping Baby Sleep gives conscientious moms and dads the insight and practical tools to help their babies thrive. “Helping Baby Sleep offers tired parents fresh ideas about how to deeply connect with their infant or toddler to support the transition from wakefulness to sleep. The book is filled with beautifully translated, science-based concepts that are made accessible to parents of all backgrounds. The authors have done a masterful job of elucidating the importance of relationships in shaping the brain. Enjoy and sleep well!” --Daniel J. Siegel, MD, author of Mindsight: The New Science of Personal Transformation, and coauthor of Parenting from the Inside Out “Gethin and Macgregor have boldly and successfully waded into the complex issues of infant sleep, creating a guide that gives parents hope and support. A magnificent gift to mothers and fathers--superb.” --Michael Trout, MA, director of the Infant-Parent Instit