The Rich Bitch Guide to Love and Money
Language: en
Pages: 304
Authors: Nicole Lapin
Categories: Business & Economics
Type: BOOK - Published: 2015-01-15 - Publisher: Harlequin

Love and money is a tricky—and touchy—mixture. The unromantic truth is that money issues are the number one cause for discord, distrust and, sometimes, divorce. Let THE RICH BITCH GUIDE TO LOVE AND MONEY help teach you to be prepared as an individual so you can be an asset in any relationship—whether you're still searching for love, already married or navigating your way through a divorce. Finance expert and author of RICH BITCH Nicole Lapin covers it all. The basics for taking personal responsibility for your finances—and maintaining control over them: · Reading the money signs early in a relationship · Cohabitation Dos and Don'ts · How to talk about money in a marriage · Pre-, mid- and post-divorce steps to ensure financial security If you want to lead a fulfilling life as a true Rich Bitch, someone who is confident in knowing what she wants and how to go after it in all aspects of her life, you need to give your wallet and your better half a little extra love!
The Meanest of Them All (Rich Bitch Publications Presents)
Language: en
Pages: 200
Authors: Tiffani Murphy
Categories: Fiction
Type: BOOK - Published: 2014-06-30 - Publisher: Rich Bitch Publications

Seventeen-year-old Morgan Collins had to step up and take care of her family, which included her four younger sisters. But when her father realized the job might be too big of a task for her, he decided to bring in some help. Enter in the stepmothers. The Collins sisters ran through all the mother candidates easily as they were no match for the sibling gang. That is until the day that Roxanne showed up. Unlike the others before her, Roxanne had one goal, to take complete control of the Collins family and snatch the power away from Morgan by any means. The lines in the sand have been drawn but who will prevail?
Mystery Writers of America Presents The Rich and the Dead
Language: en
Pages: 384
Authors: Mystery Writers of America, Inc.
Categories: Fiction
Type: BOOK - Published: 2011-05-02 - Publisher: Hachette UK

Selected by Nelson DeMille, a collection of mystery/thriller short stories focused on the wealthy upper echelons from some of today's top writers. The truly wealthy live in another world. From their multi-national businesses to their palatial mansions to their exotic vacations at glamorous places all around the world, they do everything in a big way. And sometimes, that even includes crime. In this anthology, you'll read about a wealthy writer who plots murder his hopeless agent, an aging actress who clings to her past of wealth and fame, and a spoiled rich boy who steps into dangerous territory with his mean antics, among others. The Rich and the Dead features mystery and crime stories set among the upper crust of society, going behind the scenes of the lifestyles of the two percent of the world that controls sixty percent of its riches--and just how far they'll go to stay on top.
Rich Bitch
Language: de
Authors: Anna Summers
Categories: Fiction
Type: BOOK - Published: 101-01-01 - Publisher: Anna Summers

Tobias kann sein Glück kaum glauben: Weil er der erfolgreichste junge Consultant in seinem Konzern ist, wird er auf die exklusive Party auf der Luxusyacht des CEO eingeladen. Doch die Euphorie vergeht schnell wieder, als er die Tochter des steinreichen Mannes kennenlernt. Die verwöhnte hübsche Göre weiß genau was sie will, und sie kennt keine Grenzen. Als Tobias in ihr Visier gerät, hat er keine Wahl als sich ihren Gelüsten hinzugeben, egal wie gefährlich das auch für ihn sein mag. Diese Geschichte enthält explizite Szenen und einer junge Frau, die es gewohnt ist, zu bekommen was sie will. Ab 18! Disclaimer: Alle Charaktere in diesem Buch und alle Modelle auf dem Cover sind 18 Jahre alt oder älter. Diese Geschichte ist Fiktion, jede Ähnlichkeit mit reellen Personen, Orten oder Geschehnissen sind reiner Zufall. Auszug: Tobias konnte sein Glück kaum fassen. Vor ihm lag die Tochter des Firmenchefs, ihre schneeweiße jugendliche Haut fast blendend in der Mittelmeersonne, die durch das Panoramafenster ihres Luxuszimmers in der Yacht ihres Vaters strömte. Wenn sein Chef davon wüsste, was er hier mit seinem süßen Mädchen vorhatte, dann wäre er sicher nicht nur seinen Job los. Bei seinen Kontakten würde Tobias sicher lange nach einer neuen Anstellung suchen müssen, egal wie beeindruckend seine Leistungen bis jetzt gewesen waren. Erst jetzt merkte er, dass er bei ihrem Anblick angefangen hatte zu zittern. Er konnte seine Lust nicht mehr bändigen, musste einfach über sie herfallen. Sie hatte ihre Beine leicht gespreizt und ihre feuchten Schamlippen klebten mit dem Honig ihrer Muschi zusammen, lockten ihn mit ihren Reizen. Auf ihren enormen Brüsten konnte er den Anflug einer Gänsehaut erkennen und ihre Nippel standen steif. Sie war bereit für ihn. „Da kann es wohl jemand gar nicht erwarten, mich endlich zu ficken,“ lachte Laureen, doch Tobias antwortete gar nicht erst. Stattdessen kniete er sich zwischen ihre gespreizten Beine und nahm seinen Schwanz in die Hand. Dann führte er seine Eichel zu ihrer Muschi und steckte sie zwischen ihre Labien.
Functional Perspectives on Grammar and Discourse
Language: en
Pages: 480
Authors: Christopher Butler, Raquel Hidalgo Downing, Julia Lavid
Categories: Language Arts & Disciplines
Type: BOOK - Published: 2007 - Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing

This book, a tribute to Angela Downing, consists of twenty papers taking a broadly functional perspective on language, with topics ranging from the general (grammar as an evolutionary product, text comprehension, integrative linguistics) to particular aspects of the grammars of languages (Bulgarian, English, Icelandic, Spanish, Swedish). The more specific papers are sequenced according to Halliday s division into ideational, textual and interpersonal aspects of the grammar, and cover a wide range of areas, including aspect, argument structure, noun phrase/nominal group structure and nominalisations, pronominal clitics, theme in relation to writing skills, discourse structures and markers, the role of attention in conversation, the functions of topic, phatic communion, subjectification, formulaic language and modality. A recurrent theme in the volume is the use of corpus materials in order to base functional descriptions on authentic productions. Overall, the volume constitutes a panoramic but nevertheless detailed view of some important current trends in functional linguistics.