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Pages: 216
Authors: Jordan Daniels
Type: BOOK - Published: 2021-05-09 - Publisher:

Ready to Learn the Truth About Crypto?Find Out How Blockchain, Bitcoin, and Decentralized Finance Work and How They're Changing the WorldThe news is filled with stories about blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polkadot, and other cryptoassets. These stories are no longer limited to the financial or technology pages either. The world as you know it is changing. The future is going to be shaped and dominated by cryptoassets. The more you know about cryptocurrencies and the blockchain behind the new digital money, the better prepared you will be to profit from the changes that are already underway.This book is an easy- to-understand introduction to everything you need to know about cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and the decentralization of finance-even if you don't know anything about technology or banking. Inside this book, you will learn: What is digital money?What's the difference between digital money and cryptocurrency?Flaws in the banking and finance systemThe benefits of cryptocurrenciesWhat is blockchain?What is a hash?How blockchain is changing financeWhat is decentralized finance?What is a fiat currency?Everything you need to know about BitcoinThe vision behind BitcoinHow Bitcoin mining worksEverything you need to know about EthereumHow Ethereum smart contracts workHow to buy Bitcoin and EthereumWhat you need to know about investing in cryptocurrenciesWhat is Polkadot?How Polkadot is solving problems differently than Bitcoin or EthereumAnd Much MoreThis is the most complete book you will find about cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and other related topics. Every topic is covered thoroughly and in easy to follow language. It's the perfect book for anyone who wants to better understand how blockchain and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Polkadot are changing the world.Order Your Copy of Cryptoassets: Why Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Polkadot Will Change the Future Right Now
Blockchain Mining
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Pages: 60
Authors: Bradley Lakeman
Type: BOOK - Published: 2018-12-16 - Publisher: Independently Published

If you want to Join the Blockchain Revolution that's taking the world of finance by storm, then keep reading... It's not a secret that many big online platforms are investing in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Even if the Bitcoin value drops down to 3400USD the big online platforms still see a future. In this book, you will discover: * How Bitcoin Mining Works * Solo Mining vs. pool Mining, and which one you should choose * How To Start Bitcoin Mining * The secret criteria to select the most profitable coins to mine in 2019 and further. * Mining Strategies for Making Profits * Crypto Mining features you're not probably using * Bitcoin Wallets, Where to buy bitcoins * Discover how you can avoid the 5 most expensive mistakes And much, much more! Blockchain Mining is your guide through the seemingly complex world of bitcoin, providing the knowledge you need. This book provides essential detail to get you started. You can start an investment portfolio, even if you literally have no money And if you want to discover the secrets and tactics about blockchain mining that the big players use, scroll up and click the 'Add to Cart' button.
The Surprising Truth About Ethereum
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Pages: 54
Authors: Edward Harrod
Categories: Business & Economics
Type: BOOK - Published: 2017-12-21 - Publisher: Limitless Impact

If you want to make money on Cryptocurrency but you think Bitcoin is too overrated and expensive, then keep reading... Companies like Cisco, Deloitte, Hewlett Packard, JPMorgan, MasterCard, and Microsoft are all betting on Ethereum and NOT on Bitcoin. And when a project is being supported by big companies, it is more likely to increase in price over time. The price of ETH on January 2017 is $5.8, by January 2018 it's $1,359. That's a 235% increase in a year! What will be it's value a year from now? Would you let yourself be left behind AGAIN? If you missed Bitcoin, then Ethereum is your chance! It is not as expensive as Bitcoin, and the projects they have are promising. You see, when you invest in Cryptocurrency, you invest in the people behind the Technology. And with Ethereum, you can not go wrong. It continues to be one of the most stable coins being consistent on the Top 2 spot. And Ethereum became the platform of choice for ICO’d digital assets. That means every new cryptocurrency that goes is based upon it. So if you are looking for a cryptocurrency that has the possibility of staying for so many years, then Ethereum is the way to go. I have to be honest, learning this whole cryptocurrency, bitcoin, and altcoins can be confusing. No worries though, we can start with Ethereum. I GOT YOU! In this book, we'll cover: SuperEasy Ways To Make Money on Ethereum Why Buy Ethereum than Bitcoin Step by step tutorial on buying your first ETH Understanding the terminologies What makes ETH a Valuable investment Decide if it is right form of investment for you Avoid Scams and False promises How To Buy and Sell Ethereum with one Click What Everyone Must Know about Ethereum Mistakes You Need To Avoid When You Want To Trade Profitably Step by Step Ways so Can Start Mining Eth How to Start Investing on a Limited Budget Interesting Facts I Bet You Never Knew About Ethereum Know when to HODL and when to go out, to earn Profitably! And much MUCH more!!! PLUS, You'll Also Get Free Instant Access to a Free Report on How to Double Your Money with Cryptocurrency. By understanding Bitcoin, you will no longer be limited to the old fiat currencies that we used. No longer will the bank can control the way you spend money. And the best thing... your money can multiply fast if you have the proper knowledge to do so. So if you are still on the edge of trying, and feel that it's too late... you still have time! See the Difference in One Week... or Your Money Back!If you follow the chapters in this guide and feel that it didn't reach your expectations, simply click one button within 7 days and Amazon will return 100% of your money. So if you want to never worry about missing out on Ethereum, just scroll up, click the BUY NOW button and start your Crypto journey today!
Crypto Profit
Language: en
Pages: 134
Authors: Peter Bryant Msc
Categories: Business & Economics
Type: BOOK - Published: 2020-01-07 - Publisher: Cryptoprof Publications

This eye-opening book explains why, contrary to what most people believe, investing in cryptocurrencies is actually a good idea. In fact, cryptos are on track to be the best investment opportunity of the 21st century. Author Peter Bryant ('the Crypto Prof') is an experienced, professional investor. He has achieved significant profits by investing in cryptocurrencies and has helped his clients to do the same. Now, he presents his case for trading and investing in cryptos and explains how to do so safely and successfully. In this book, Bryant explains in clear, non-technical language what bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies actually are, why they are rapidly gaining acceptance and the best ways to invest in them. The book is written for sceptics and doubters, patiently addressing all of the common objections and dispelling the myths surrounding these little-understood new ways of transacting value. The investment strategies are presented as clear, simple step-by-step guides that anyone can follow. Welcome to the truth about Crypto Profit.
The Truth About Crypto
Language: en
Pages: 400
Authors: Ric Edelman
Categories: Business & Economics
Type: BOOK - Published: 2022-05-10 - Publisher: Simon & Schuster

A straightforward, practical guide to the newest frontier in investment strategy—crypto—from #1 New York Times bestselling author and personal finance expert Ric Edelman. Blockchain and bitcoin are here to stay—and as the Bank of England stated, this new technology could “transform the global financial system.” No wonder PWC says blockchain technology will add $2 trillion to the world’s $80 trillion economy by 2030. Indeed, blockchain technology and the digital assets it makes possible are revolutionary, the most profound innovation for commerce since the invention of the internet. And yet, the average investor—and the investment advisors who manage two-thirds of all their money—aren’t aware of all this, or of the incredible investment opportunities now available. Fortunately, Ric Edelman, one of the most influential experts in the financial field, shows investors how they can engage and thrive in today’s new investment marketplace. Featuring the prophetic insights you’d expect from one of most acclaimed financial advisors, The Truth About Crypto is fun to read and easy to understand—and most importantly gives readers the sound, practical advice we all need to succeed with this new asset class. Best of all, Edelman shows how blockchain works, the difference between digital currency and digital assets, and a comprehensive look at every aspect of the field. This book is a must-read guide if you want to achieve investment success today.